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You should use the following advice when you frequently consume over fourteen units of alcohol in a week.

10 small cups of low-strength wine or six pints of average-strength will be the will amount to the 14 units.

  • Set a standard - Decide on the maximum level before deciding on taking a drink.
  • Be money conscious - in purchasing alcohol, use a particular amount designated for it.
  • Tell others - So you can have their support or at least just so they know, tell those close to your about your intentions of cutting back.
  • Taper down Gradually reduce the amount you drink rather than cutting back all at once.
  • By using this method you can consider yourselves successful everyday.
  • Reduce the size - Drink only the small sized beer if you must take one.
  • Have the smaller glasses of wine instead or try drinking beer that comes in bottles and not pints.
  • Take lesser dosage of alcohol - Go for beers with less volume of alcohol over higher ones (ABV in %).
  • The details could be seen on the bottle.
  • Remain hydrated - have a glass of water before you have a drink or consider alternating alcoholic drinks with a soft drink or water.
  • Take a day off - Pick one day out of the week as your "no-drinking day".

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Cutting Down Advantages Of Visiting Alcohol Rehab Nottingham

Instant benefits of reducing alcohol are

  • Feeling better in the mornings
  • Having more energy
  • Positive effect on the look of your skin
  • Increased feeling of fitness
  • Gaining excessive weight may be halted

Cutting back in the long term can improve

Mood - Hangovers come with some level of anxiety and depression is highly connected to excessive consumption of alcohol. If you already suffer from anxiety or are feeling sad you can rest assured that alcohol can worsen the situation and therefore, the reduction in alcohol may generally put you in a better mood.

Sleep - Sleep is usually affected by drinking Alcohol has the ability to alter your sleep pattern, making you unable to achieve REM sleep, even though it can assist some individuals to easily sleep. You will experience relaxation, especially in the morning, by reducing intake of alcohol.

Behaviour - your behaviour and ability to make sound decisions can be altered by alcohol consumption. After drinking, you may begin to express violence or agitation. One characteristics of excessive drinking is the inability to remember or recall events.

Heart - your heart could become enlarged if you have been drinking excessively over a long period. This is a serious condition and cannot be completely reversed but cutting down on the drinking can prevent the condition from worsening.

Immune system - your immune system can also be affected if you have been drinking regularly. Addicts are vulnerable to diseases.